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List Price: $24.99
Edition: 1st Edition


By Chutinun Mora, Nudee Vangsirirungruang, Parnupong Norasethkamol, Polpich Komson, Wipawan Pinyowit
Edition: 1nd Edition/ March 2006
Dimension (w x h): 145 x 210 mm.
Weight: 320 g.
Pages: 136
ISBN: 974-94171-5-1

Following on the success of their popular first pocket divesite guidebook, five young Thai divers have just published their second guidebook. This well designed, convenient reference is filled with colourful dive site diagrams, descriptions of sites and what you're likely to encounter, and lots of useful information about travelling to and diving the South Andaman area. This is a must-read before you visit

"When it comes to diving in Thailand, the Similans is usually the first area that comes to mind. However, there are more easily-accessible dive sites to the south of the Similans with the same beauty and diversity, such as Phi Phi national park, Hin Muang and Hin Daeng, etc, that are often overlooked.

Possessing the same topography and water temperature as the Similans, the dive sites also blessed with the same beauty and diversity of aquatic life as Similan National Park – and some say, much more.

For example, the twin pinnacles of Hin Muang and Hin Daeng lie in the open sea, giving divers a wonderful opportunity to encounter big pelagics such as manta rays and whale sharks. Other sites are home to rare species such as frogfish, seahorses, leaf fish, ribbon eels and many kinds of colourful nudibranchs. "

All these things, and much more, are situated in the Southern Andaman Sea. We hope you’ll come to know and love the area as much as we have!


  dive site’s list
1. Kata Beach 15. Koh Doc Mai
2. Koh Pu 16. Anemone Reef
3. KaronRock 17. Shark Point
4. Racha Yai- Bungalow Bay : North 18. King Cruiser Wreck
5. Racha Yai- Bungalow Bay : South 19. Bida Nai
6. Racha Yai- Siam Bay 20. Bida Nok
7. Racha Yai- Home Run Reef 21. Hin Muang
8. Racha Yai- Bay 1-2 22. Hin Daeng
9. Racha Yai- Bay 2-3 23. Koh Haa Neua
10. Racha Yai- Bay 3-5 24. Koh Haa Lagoon
11. Racha Noi- Banana Bay 25. Koh Haa Yai
12. Racha Noi- Racha Noi Bay 26. Jabang
13. Racha Noi- South Tip 27. Hin Paad Mile
14. Racha Noi- Marina Bay  
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