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After getting to know each other during university and also through diving (which had become their second profession), the team of five dive instructors with backgrounds in design decided to put their design and diving skill to good use…hence, they published their first guidebook in 2004. Since every member of the team enjoys logging details of their dives, making underwater maps from all those notes became even more fun, with the objective of giving all divers who use the maps a good introduction to the dive sites covered.
the team
Polpich (Aey) Komson
Two years after getting a degree in Architecture from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, Polpich became a candidate for the first year of the Divemaster program sponsored by the Dive Operators Club of Thailand (DOCT), which offered free training for selected Thai citizens to become PADI Divemasters. After finishing the program and while still working as an architect, he started his diving career in 2001 with Dive Asia Co., Ltd. in Phuket as a branch manager and Divemaster. Later, he became a PADI OWSI and PADI IDC Staff Instructor. Currently he is working full time as an Associate Publisher of "FiNS Magazine".

Sasivie (Tik) Pinyowit
Sasivie studied landscape design, and was only introduced to the seascape in 2001. She started her diving career at Dive Asia, Co., Ltd. in Phuket, which opened up a fantastic new world to her. After getting certified as an Open Water diver in 2001, she eventually became a licensed dive Instructor in 2003.

Currently, she is studying tourism in Australia and still keen on her continuing her activities as a dive professional.

Chutinun (Meen) Mora
Dreaming of becoming a diver since 14, Chutinun never considered becoming a professional diver until the opportunity to join DOCT’s certification program arose. She pursued a career in diving while working as a freelance graphic designer in Phuket for almost three years, and then moved back to Bangkok to work as a full-time graphic designer and part-time dive instructor for a while. These days, she’s trying to find as many opportunities to do work on projects that combine her two loves of graphic art and diving. Chutinun is also working as the Chief Graphic Designer for FiNS Magazine.
Parnupong (Nu) Norasethkamol
Parnupong is also a beneficiary of DOCT’s certification program, having participated in the second year of the program in 2002, one year after Polpich. In spite of the fact that he was nearly drowned when he was eight years old, diving was “love at the first giant stride” for him.

After finished the DOCT training program, he worked full-time with Sea King Divers on a liveaboard boat in the peak diving season, and on land as an architect during the diving off season. He now enjoys blending both lifestyles together.

Nudee (Noi) Vangsirirungruang
Trained as a graphic and interior designer, Nudee found that working in Bangkok didn’t give her a lot of time to go diving. After going through the 2001 DOCT training program, she decided to leave the office environment for good. Now, she still works freelance jobs in the big city, but gets to spend time diving too, so her two lifestyles seem to merge perfectly.
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